MetalQuest Lead Apron "Mail-Back" Program

The MetalQuest Lead Apron Disposal Progam is designed to be a quick and efficient way of recycling hazardous lead aprons. We take the hassle out of arranging for containment and shipping. With one phone call a barrel is sent to you to fill, and with another call we have it picked up for shipment!

MetalQuest will provide the container and arrange all freight.  Upon receipt the aprons will be processed, an environmental impact statement will be sent to you, and a Recycling Offset Credit will be established.

By the Apron: $50.00 per apron. Great for users providing their own shipping container with three or fewer lead aprons for disposal. If shipping in a box, place the lead apron in a plastic bag prior to shipment. Barrels of Aprons!
30 Gallon Barrel: $400.00 per barrel. A great size for a smaller quantity of lead aprons. The drum is included in the price. The drum will hold approximately 28 aprons.
55 Gallon Barrel: $900.00 per barrel. Load as many aprons into the drum as you want and ship! The drum is included in the price. The drum will hold approximately 46 aprons.
Have any questions? Email us at
Freight: MetalQuest will arrange all freight. Shipping instructions and tags will arrive with the drum or under separate cover if using your own packaging. Once your shipping order is received, your lead aprons will be removed in one to three days. All freight is pre-paid and added to the invoice. Your order cannot be processed unless it is accompanied by a letter of certification from a medical physicist certifying that the lead is free of radioactivity.
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Phone: 513-693-4000
Fax: 513-488-8614
Payment Terms: Net 15 days. 2% finance charge per month on balance over 30 days.


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