Records Indexing and Inventory

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With all the data being generated today it's easy to lose track of information assets, how much there is and where it's stored. Couple that with fast changing technology, mergers, acquisitions and management changeovers it's no surprise records managers are overwhelmed. So how do you begin to take control of the situation? One way is by preparing a comprehensive records inventory.

As part of MetalQuest's Records and Data Storage services we routinely index files and create records inventories for our clients. Our experienced and professional data entry team utilizes a double blind entry process ensuring a very high level of accuracy. The resulting inventories allow for fast retrieval of information for our customers and an accurate description of records stored offsite. Inventories can be as simple as a listing containing record type(s) and description, format, storage location, volume, date range and retention requirements, or, as granular as indexing down to the individual record.

Records inventories help clients to:

  • Understand the volume of records on hand and/or in storage.
  • Know where the records are located.
  • Speed record retrieval and streamline business processes.
  • Increase staff productivity and efficiency by reducing record search times.
  • Assist in long term records retention planning, storage and disposal.
  • Provide a master list for records available for disposal and destruction.

MetalQuest typically prepares master records inventories as part of an ongoing contract. Each box of records stored at our facility is:

  • Bar-coded and accessioned and includes a description of the record range and type at minimum.
  • Within the box, each individual record can be indexed, bar-coded and accessioned if needed.
  • Inventory data is online and searchable by the client or is provided to the client in electronic format depending upon customer needs.

As a stand-alone project, MetalQuest can survey hardcopy records systems at your facility and create records inventories that are:

  • Based on boxes, cabinets or shelves that are bar-coded and accessioned.
  • Indexed down to the individual record level and are bar-coded and accessioned if needed.
  • Computerized and fully searchable.
  • Includes record type, format, location, date ranges, etc.

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