Bankruptcy, Receivership, and Organizational Closures

Someone posts a 'closed' sign on the front of a glass door

In the face of ever changing regulations and today's economic climate, it's a cold hard fact that many healthcare institutions and businesses cannot survive leading to bankruptcies and/or placement in receivership. The trustee assigned to the case becomes responsible for all aspects of shuttering the facility, and, in the highly regulated healthcare industry responsible for the disposition of the institutions' health information. Whether you're managing a large multi-hospital system or a small clinic, MetalQuest is uniquely positioned to address the disposition of all types of records from the institution in accordance with federal, state, HIPAA and bankruptcy rules and regulations. We're the Records Custodian that Trustees trust!

At MetalQuest, our expertise focuses on the storage, retrieval, release of information and destruction of records for healthcare and other industries. We take over management of the information life cycle and act as the Records Custodian from the time we receive your records until its final disposition and destruction. While we specialize in healthcare bankruptcies, receiverships and closures, MetalQuest also manages record systems for closed educational systems, manufacturing and other industrial organizations.

As part of our comprehensive Records Custodial Services, MetalQuest offers the following:

  • Purging, packing, and transportation of records from your facility to MetalQuest
  • Pickup and transportation of records from other storage vendors to MetalQuest
  • Records and Data Storage of all clinical, non-clinical and business record types
  • Digital Records Storage and Maintenance of all clinical, non-clinical and other electronic business records systems, i.e. electronic medical records (EMR/EHR), digital/electronic x-ray systems (PACS), Laboratory Information Systems, Finance and Accounting Systems, Human Resource Systems, etc.
  • Maintenance of all electronic data maintained on individual workstations
  • Records Indexing and Inventory
  • Document Scanning and Conversion
  • Release of Information Services (fulfilling patient medical record requests)
  • Secure Destruction Services for records, hard drives, digital media, microfilm, IT assets, etc.
  • Maintenance of organization website, modified with closure and current contact information relevant to former patients, employees, creditors and other third parties
  • Switch and maintain facility phone number to MetalQuest
  • Provide basic employment information to assist former employees seeking new employment
  • Assistance with local advertisement announcing transfer of records to MetalQuest
  • Management of patient notification, Section 351 notification management – Bankruptcy 11 U.S. Code § 351. Disposal of patient records
  • Compliance with state, federal, HIPAA, bankruptcy and receivership rules and regulations
  • Hospital and facility wind-down services, including disposal of assets and building shuttering

All services offered typically incur a one-time fee. Once an agreement is executed, the fee paid and an approval order received from the court, MetalQuest will begin the process of transferring the records and electronic systems to our facility. Upon completion of the transfer, the estate is relieved of the burden of maintaining the records for the balance of their lifecycle.

If you've been appointed as Trustee or Receiver for a bankruptcy or receivership proceeding, contact us today for assistance with your project. We're here to help!