Healthcare/Medical Records

Medical records sit on a shelf and a desk.

Ready to close your practice due to retirement or sale? Are you a bankruptcy trustee that's in the process of shutting down a healthcare organization? Don't know what to do with all those medical records, x-ray's, pathology slides and other information? In the highly regulated healthcare industry, responsibility for health information doesn't end just because an organization closes. Whether you're managing a multi-hospital system or a solo practitioner, MetalQuest is uniquely positioned to address the disposition of all types of records from your healthcare facility.

At MetalQuest, our expertise focuses on the storage, retrieval, release of information and destruction of records for the healthcare industry. We take over management of the information life cycle and act as the Records Custodian from the time we receive your records until its final disposition and destruction allowing you to enjoy retirement, or in the case of a bankruptcy or receivership, sleep better at night.

As part of our comprehensive Records Custodial Services, MetalQuest offers the following:

  • Purging, packing, and transportation of records from your facility to MetalQuest
  • Pickup and transportation of records from other storage vendors to MetalQuest
  • Records and Data Storage of all clinical and non-clinical records
  • Digital Records Storage and Maintenance of all clinical and non-clinical electronic records systems, i.e. EHR's, PACS, Laboratory Information Systems, Finance and Accounting Systems, Human Resource Systems, etc.
  • Records Indexing and Inventory
  • Document Scanning and Conversion
  • Release of Information Services
  • Secure Destruction Services of records, hard drives, digital media, microfilm, IT assets, etc.
  • Maintenance of organization website, modified with closure and current contact information relevant to former patients, employees and other third parties
  • Switch and maintain facility phone number to MetalQuest
  • Provide basic employment information to assist former employees seeking new employment
  • Assistance with local advertisement announcing transfer of records to MetalQuest

If you're ready to retire and move on to the next exciting chapter in your life or need help with a bankruptcy or receivership, contact us today.